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Forgotten Heroes of the American Revolution

Anyone who has read about the American Revolution knows something about the lives of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. But many students do not understand the important contributions made by other, lesser-known Patriots, without which the Revolution might have been lost. The Forgotten Heroes of the American Revolution series presents the lives of five such Patriots, explaining how their bravery and perseverance helped turn the tide of the war in the Americans' favor. The generation that fought the war revered these men as great heroes, but today their names and deeds are largely ignored in many classrooms. The five titles in this series will help rectify that.

Each volume contains a wealth of fascinating information, including extensive discussion of decisions made on both sides during the war. In every book, numerous quotations from primary sources and more than 30 color images, drawings, and maps help the reader get a better understanding of 18th-century colonial life. Even reluctant readers will be captivated by the stories of ordinary Americans who, when the times required great leaders, successfully accepted the challenge. See below for a list of all of the titles in the series.

Interest Level: 4th grade & up | 80-88 Pages | Library Binding | 30+ Color Maps and Illustrations | Quotations from Primary Sources

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